Zin Taylor (*1978 in Calgary, Canada; lives in Paris)

Zin Taylor’s works roam through the space in which they can be experienced, as wall drawings, as mobiles, as fragrance or as language and as sound. They meander like thought and give it form. Thoughts arise in the space. For this, the Canadian artist mainly requires dots and lines in black and white, which spread in the form of individual elements such as an ostrich or a snake, landscapes or interiors in cartoon form on the surfaces of the exhibition spaces. They form units of thought which, together with the mostly abstract sculptures and mobiles, come together as ‘foggy’ stories. Foggy in the sense that these stories are more gestural approximations to thoughts, memories and situations than they are unambiguous narratives. They form context but remain in motion, for example where the graphic form provides a recognisable image but also a letter. Taylor’s work deals with this abstract presence of possibility for shaping inner spaces, where they are given forms of expression and a language.

Taylor graduated from Alberta College, Canada, in 2000 and received his Master’s degree from the University of Guelph, Canada, in 2005. He has received support through numerous awards since 2000 and has been able to present his works in many exhibitions in Europe and overseas.