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© Albrecht Fuchs, Köln


The paintings of Walter Price (*1989 in Macon, Georgia; lives in New York, USA) are mostly in intimate formats. They depict the emergence of surreal pictorial spaces that unfold between interior and landscape, portrait and genre into realms of the imagination that are subjective as well as open. Familiar symbols and objects, occasional intimated lettering and recurring horizon lines promise contextualisation and symbolic and narrative readability that is broken again and again by subjective perceptions, abstractions and fragmentation. The relationship and positioning of the viewer and image often play a role. Occasionally, striking viewer figures appear at the front edge of the picture, that are inscribed into the observational situation by the actual viewer. This is a pictorial tradition that Price places in a way that the figure represents a break rather than a bridge, which is constitutive for the way in which he deals with traditions and contexts. The situations that the American artist creates in his paintings using colour and drawing are about domestic and private as well as socio-cultural identities, which are marked by a space that opens up, characterised also by a supposedly succinct nature, rather than by clearly defined contexts.

Price studied at Middle Georgia College and at the Art Institute of Washington where he graduated in 2011. His works have been shown in various exhibitions, including the Aspen Art Museum, Aspen (Colorado), USA the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (Michigan), USA the LUMA, Zurich, Switzerland, and the Harriet Tubman Museum, Auburn (Georgia), USA as well as in numerous galleries.