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The pictures and drawings by Mark van Yetter (*1978 in the USA, living in Berlin) are narrative in a very particular way. His still lifes and portraits, dreamlike sequences and small scenes, are supposedly clearly codified, yet they develop their narrative character from their multi-dimensionality. Viewer perspectives and stage-like, in part spatially nested settings initiate movement that breaks forth from the superficial dryness and always falls back into it again. Van Yetter’s drawings and paintings, mostly oil on paper, change back and forth from eerie to humorous, naturally transgressing various levels (of reality). In his exhibitions, he places images with similar compositions next to each other, which are symbolically or associatively comparable, but which ultimately show different scenes, different narratives and meanings. With such parallels inside and outside of the picture, van Yetter creates potentiality gaps that subtly comment on the urgency of image and reality.