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Time and our relationship to it is one of Kris Martin’s central themes. Even if man has succeeded in measuring minutes, hours, days and years with various clocks, it will in some way remain an abstract measure. With his sculptures, installations, drawings and photographs, Martin creates magical approximations of this elusive dimension, whereby he assigns a very special significance to terms such as finite and infinite. Kris Martin is a conceptual magician, whose feeling for this great determinant of life is remarkable, providing us with a whole new sense of time.
The work “Spatium” (lat. space, period), which represents the central highlight from Martin in the collection, touches on this topic in very poetic way. The work consists of twelve large format colour photographs showing the detailed images of the interior of a 650 years old monk’s skull. Martin seems to be tracing the spiritual life of the monk in these high-precision shots, whereby the pictures with their visual proximity to the crater landscapes may also provide a brief glimpse into the great expanse of soul.