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Born in Cyprus in 1980, the artist Haris Epaminonda produces films, photographs, collages, sculptures and installations, which are often interwoven with each other in the context of her exhibition practice and are thus related to each other. The starting point for her work is usually the examination of historical images, objects and places, to which she gives a new identity that is difficult to grasp. If, for example, the artist shows a neoclassical still image or a small water fall in short, sequence-like films accentuated by wondrous sounds, these images first appear without context and invite one to make numerous associations. Her sculptures and installations are similar, and are very precisely arranged in spaces, seeming to refer to museum presentation forms: Different objects such as vases, small sculptures or books are placed on the floor or on plinths that provide new interpretation contexts, without one being able to decipher these clearly. Overall, Epaminonda’s work is associated with a mysterious atmosphere that steals one’s time and, despite the silence that connects with you, allows an impressive effect to unfold.