Carina Brandes’ medium (*1982, living in Berlin) is primarily black and white analogue photography. The small format images, for which she uses a timer, show her own body in surreal moments and encounters. She is not necessarily identifiable as a person: Only parts of the body can be seen, the face is covered by hair, they are blurred by incomplete movement. In the tradition of historical positions that have worked with photographic self-staging, Brandes’ works are neither portraits nor documentary photography. Rather, the narrative moment is created in the interaction with the image. The central element is the “being so”, which can be transformed and made to appear new over and over again using different props: Brandes masks herself as an animal or interacts with animal sculptures, she multiplies the body, when she stages several, double-like people in the picture or appears to materialise in interplay with black and white shadows. Appearing in the hidden like this usually occurs in only vaguely specific exterior spaces, allowing the unexpected to transcend the everyday world even more memorably.