Kasia Fudakowski (*1985, living in Berlin) explores the relationship between artist, object and observer in her work. Her sculptures, videos and performances shift between the projection area and action and associatively tell of societal expectations and subjective desires. The resulting inconsistencies or reversals are elements of the comic. Whether it is a response to a laugh, whether the artist and viewer are in a state of alienation or surrender to the ridiculousness; these are the questions that Fudakowski explicitly examines in her performances and the accompanying videos.
The ceramic, rattan, metal, salt dough and clay sculptures play with the human need to recognise itself in everything, and emulate anthropomorphic figures. Fudakowski, for her part, practices craft camouflage, in that she used a material as though it were something else. These strategies produce set pieces of associative and differential constellations, not least questioning the possibilities and necessities of the social “preservation” of a subject.